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December 24, 2017

Season's Greatings!!!

Photo of Walsh Island in winter

As this year draws to a close, and we rapidly approach the start of a new year, it's worth reflecting on all the great events we enjoyed at the lake in 2017, and to look forward to all that 2018 has in store for us. On behalf of all your SLCA Executive, best wishes to all our members and friends of the Steenburg Lake community for a safe and happy holiday.

Be careful while travelling whether it's to and from the lake, or elsewhere to visit friends and relatives, and remember that there is never an excuse to drink and drive.

If you do visit the lake, use extra caution near and on the lake. Ice thickness and quality can vary greatly early in the season.

60th Anniversary of the SLCA

As mentioned in our fall 2017 Shoreline News, we are holding a two-part contest for a new logo for our SLCA merchandize to commemorate our 60th anniversary as a lake association. We are also looking for submissions for a new slogan. Help complete the phrase: Steenburg Lake Community Association - 60 years of...

Hope to see many of you around the lake this winter.

All the best!

Pat Stallaert - SLCA President

August 9, 2017

Hold tight... the sun will shine!

Thank you to everyone who showed up and took part in our 59th Annual General Meeting held at the Tudor & Cashel Community Centre on Sunday August 6th. It was a great turnout, with some excellent reports and good input from the membership. We are still looking for volunteers to fill the following positions: Vice President, Lake Steward and Social Director. If you are interested or know anyone who might be, contact anyone on your Executive Commitee. Thank you to all who donated such wonderful door prizes.

A video of a 1939 Tour of Bass Lake which could not be shown at the time of the meeting, is now available online for your viewing pleasure. Try an identify as many locations as you can on the lake.

As stated at the meeting following a presentation by Tim Pidduck, General Manager of the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority, donations towards the development and improvement of the McGeachie Conservation Area and Trails are still being matched.

Don't forget that the 10th Annual Steenburg Lake Fun Run is scheduled for Saturday, Auguest 12th. Contact the Buttlers ASAP to reserve a special commemerative T-shirt. Orders are filling fast...

The Township of Limerick is holding a special Canada 150 and Limerick 130 Celebration at the Limerick Community Centre on August 12th and all are welcome, so why not head over after the Fun Run...?

And just a reminder that the 2017 Steenburg Lake Photo Contest is in full swing. Submissions have started to trickle in so send your entries to PhotoContest@steenburglake.com. Remember, one entry per category, and please specify your category in your email. Check out the Events page of this website for full details. Those who have yet to pick up your prize from last year, please contact the Buttlers.

Also be advised that construction work to redevelopment the North Road is about to commence. Expect delays due to lane restrictions during the construction. Road closures will be minimized as much as possible. We are trying to get notice of any all-out road closures posted on the Limerick Township website. Please use extra caution while travelling along this road during the construction phase, and follow all instruction from flagmen while workers are present. More information is available in this letter from Dunford Construction Company.

Stay safe on and around the lake, and enjoy what is yet to be the best part of summer!

Pat Stallaert - SLCA President

July 6, 2017

What a great start to the summer!

Despite dire predictions for the weather, those of us lucky enough to be at the lake this past weekend will attest that it was a wonderful time. A little bit of rain here and there, and a few mosquitoes, but not enough to disrupt all the wonderful Canada 150 celebrations. Thank you to the Cochranes and friends for putting on another great evening of fireworks. And thank you to the Butlers for donating 150 red Canada 150 - Steenburg Lake commemerative cups, and making available all those awesome Canada Day T-shirts. If you missed out on either the cups or T-shrits, fear not, as they will be available for purchase at the Beach Regatta this Saturday.

Thank you also to the Coties and the Harveys and all their talented friends for putting on a great Have-a-dock Jamboree concert on July 2nd. Nothing like lively music sounding out over the water on a beautiful summer evening!

But there's lots more events coming your way... Come out to the Annual Beach Regatta and BBQ on Saturday, July 8th. Everyone who bought a red Canada 150 T-shirt should come wearing it so we can get an awesome group photo of Team Steenburg.

Then let's get out and make our commuinity even more beautiful by spending a little time together on Sunday July 9th to pick up that unsightly litter along our roads. Just one more way to really show how proud we are to be Canadian. Remember that this is a great way for highschool students to earn some of their essential community service hours. Just see any member of the SLCA Executive to have your participation recorded.

Don't forget that our new Geocahing event is already underway, as is our Annual Photo Contest. Check out the Events page of this website for full details.

And if any of you are holding on to old electronic devices at the cottage that you no longer want of need, Limerick Township is holding a free e-waste recycling campaign at the Limerick Community Waste Collection Centre, on the following days:




JULY 15TH 10:00AM UNTIL 5:00PM


Check out their poster here for more details...

Finally, your SLCA volunteer canvassers will be coming around in the next few weeks with your 2017 member information packages. Please show them your appreciation and courtesy by signing up, and having the right cash on hand. Thirty dollars is still an amazing value for all the wonderful events we hold throughout the year, and the good work so many volunteers do to protect and preserve the lake we so love.

Get involved, stay safe on and around the lake, respect your neighbours, and have a great summer!

See you soon! Don't be shy...

Pat Stallaert - SLCA President

May 28, 2017

Several key updates to share with you!:

Your SLCA is pleased to advise that the spring 2017 Shoreline News has been mailed out, and that a digital copy is available for download in the Lake News section. Please note that there were several updates and corrections to the newsletter from what was sent out in printed form. Specifically:

- We deeply regret that the ad for the Old Hastings Mercantile & Gallery was omitted from the printed copy of the newsletter. Gary Pattison and Lillian Oakley have been long-time valued supporters of the Steenburg Lake Community, and we apologize for this oversight.

- A number of changes and corrections have been made to the Summer Events schedule featured on the last page of the newsletter. You can also find these listed in the new links on the home page, and under the Events tab of this website.

The Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) approved at last year's AGM, has been purchased and deployed on the lake. Please click on the link above, to familiarize yourself with the use of this life saving device. Remember to always contact 9-1-1 first, and review the instructions and video on the use of this unit in advance and on a regular basis. We hope to demonstrate the device at events this summer.

Just a reminder that reports are available under the Reports Archive of this website, in the Lake News tab. Just added are the final minutes of the Fall 2016 SLCA Executive meeting minutes as well as A response from Erin MacDonald of the Bancroft MNRF on the subject of Lake Trout fisheries as referenced in the article by Dave Langman in the Spring 2017 newsletter.

The North Road reconstruction project tender has been awarded by Limerick Township. Construction is scheduled to commence after the August long weekend. Unconfirmed reports suggest that no new guide rails will be added to the road. Preliminary design plans including extensive sectings of these in areas where the roadway was too narrow to accomomdate full shoulders, presented serious safety concern for pedestrians as well as non-automobile traffic using the North Road. Check this website for updates and notifications of road closures as we receive them.

The SLCA is looking for someone interested in taking over responsibility for deploying, maintaining and retrieving Rock Markers as Peter Waywell will no longer be able to continue in this capacity due to other employment commitments this summer. Thank you Peter for a great job done! Those interested in this role should contact any member of the SLCA Executive, and remember, this is a paid position.

We are also looking for a new Lake Steward, as Don Mills will be completing his term and moving on at the end of this season. Thank you Don for a very capable job!

Finally, the position of Vice President still remains vacant, so if any of these three positions are of interest to you, please let us know.

And lastly, a reminder to all as summer traffic on and around the lake builds steadily... Please enjoy the water sensibly and responsibly. Watch out for other boaters and users of the lake, and keep in mind that water levels are still quite high for this time of year, though they are gradually decreasing. Avoid creating large wakes close to shore as the higher than normal water levels contribute even more to shoreline erosion and damage to our lake.

Everyone enjoy a great summer, and we hope to see you at the many events around the lake this summer. Stay safe!

Pat Stallaert - SLCA President

April 1, 2017


The SLCA has received an update from Limerick Township Councillor Michael Douglas-Hecker, regarding the plans for the redevelopment of Steenburg Lake North Road. The following three documents have been added to the Steenburglake.com website, in the Reports Archive, under the Lake News tab and Newsletter Index menu item:

Cover Letter from G.D. Jewell Engineering (2017-03-24)

1503794 - Limerick - Steenburg Lake North Road - MARCH 30 2017

Summary of Revisions to SLNR Project - M. Douglas-Hecker (2017-03-30)

These three documents along with discussions held with Councillor Douglas-Hecker are proof that the Township has heard the concerns raised by many of our members and the SLCA, and have acted upon them. We are very encourged with the changes that have been made to the preliminary plans first presented in January, and look forward to working with the Township to see that this project is completed with the least disruption to our members, and with the safefest possible outcome for all users of the North Road.

Your SLCA Executive would like to thank all our members who took the time to attend meetings, and to write to Limerick Council to express their concerns. But the job is not done yet!

To quote the great Yogi Berra, "It ain t over till it s over."

We need to see this matter to it's conclusion, so we are again urging all members who can, to attend the special Roads Committee meeting to April 3rd at 10:30 am, at the Limerick Community Centre.

Hope to see you there Monday,

Pat Stallaert - SLCA President

March 1, 2017

Limerick Roads Committee Meeting Rescheduled to April 3, 2017:

The SLCA has received notification from Limerick Township Councillor Michael Douglas-Hecker, that the special Roads Committee meeting scheduled for March 6th, is being rescheduled to April 3rd at 10:30 am, at the Limerick Community Centre.

Apparently, the Township needs more time to address the many concerns that have been raised regarding the Steenburg Lake North Road redevelopment project. Let's hope this means that the Township is taking all our concerns seriously, and are trying to get things right!

Members are strongly encouraged to attend this new meeting on April 3rd. We will do our best to keep you advised of any further developments with this and other issues we are tracking.

February 25, 2017


On February 11th, your SLCA Executive wrote to all of Limerick Council to express our concern and disappointment that we had not yet heard anything from either the Township or its Engineering consultants about how earlier concerns with the North Road redevelopment would be addressed.

That letter can be seen here.

An email response from Councillor Michael Douglas-Hecker, chairman of the Limerick Roads Committee was received soon after, assuring us that our concerns are in line with those of Council, and that a special Roads Committee meeting would be held on Monday, March 6, 2017 at 10:30 am, at the Limerick Community Centre.

That email can be seen here.

We strongly advise all members who can possibly attend this meeting on March 6th, to do so, and show Limerick Council that we are united in our desire to preserve the peaceful nature and relative safety of our community.

This and other related correspondences are available in the Reports Archive under the Lake News tab.
Click on the Reports Archive button.

February 05, 2017


Limerick Township's plans to redevelop Steenburg Lake North Road, stand to significantly impact the safety and enjoyment of the lake for generations to come. At issue is the liberal use of very expensive and obtrusive steel beam guiderails along much of the road's length. Concerns expressed to date relate to the lack of space for pedestrians, cyclists, and other recreational vehicle users at several points along the road. The roadway is too narrow to accommodate these railings and still leave adequate room to get out of harm's way. This problem will only be further accentuated in winter as the guiderails will make it more difficult to clear ice an snow from the already narrow shoulders of the road. Much of the proposed guiderails seem unwarranted and excessive given the low traffic volumes and relatively low posted speed limits.

Your SLCA Executive wrote to Council on Janury 15th, to confirm our concerns with the preliminary plans for the road's redevelopment. That letter can be seen here.

Please be advised that Limerick Council will be holding their next meeting on Monday, February 13th, 2017 at the Limerick Community Centre at 9:30 am. We stronly encourage all members who can attend in person to do so, to remind council that we are paying close attention to this matter, and expect them to make appropriate amendments to the preliminary plans for this project in order to ensure the safety of all users of this road.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, we urge you to write to Limerick Council to add your voice to the growing body of concerns surrounding this project.

This and other related correspondences are available in the Reports Archive under the Lake News tab.
Click on the Reports Archive button.


The Cochranes have again offered to host Family Day activities on February 18th. It should be a great time to come out and enjoy winter at the lake! Details are available on the the Steenburg Lake Facebook page and will be reflected in the Lake Talk section of this site. Stay tuned for more details and any last minute schedule changes.

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